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African American Health and Beauty Products

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Directory Listings

Merchant Name: Gold Medal Hair Products

Visit their web site: http://www.goldmedalhair.com/

Address: 1 Bennington Ave.

City: Freeport

State: New York

Country: United States

Zip Code: 11520

Telephone Numbers:

Telephone: (800) 324-7136 or (516) 378-6900

Fax number: (516) 378-0168

Merchant Description: Founded in 1942, specifically to address the unique needs of black hair and skin. They ship products directly from their factory without the use of distributors or retail stores. They do not make harsh chemical relaxers, perms or straighteners, but instead focus on products that add luster and beauty to African hair in it's natural state.

Types of Items They Carry: wigs, falls, shampoos, conditioners, afro puffs, moisturizers, and products specifically designed for damaged hair.

Additional Listings:

Merchant Name: Soft and Precious (Online catalog only)

Web site: http://www.softandprecious.com/

Address: Anika Laboratories, Post Office Box 271878, Tampa, Florida, 33688-1878

Telephone: 800-310-4779

Merchant Description: Soft and Precious carries their own brand of baby care products specifically formulated for African American and bi-racial children.

Types of Items They Carry: Baby Shampoo, baby oil, lotion, powder, nursery jelly, detangling moisturizer, creme hair dress


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