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Store Listings: Sgt. Grit's Marine Corps Specialties

Description: Your resource for all things Marine Corps. Their catalog contains 144 pages of Marine Corps clothing, accessories, gifts, KA-Bars, swords, patches, flags and much more. Many custom items are available.

Mailing Address:

Sgt Grit
7100 SW 44th St.
OKC, OK 73179

Telephone Numbers:

Local: (405)602-5490

Toll Free: (866) 776-2607

Fax Us Local: (405)602-5470

Toll Free Fax: (866) 776-2610

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Store Listing: Brigade Quartermasters Action Gear

Brigade Quartermasters, Ltd.
c/o Ira Green Inc.
177 Georgia Ave
Providence, RI 02905

Telephone 1-800-663-7487

Customer Service 1-800-663-7487

Fax 1-800-738-8522

Description: Equipment and clothing for outdoor adventure, survival, military, and tactical use. Catalog features high quality gear and clothing and is designed for the serious outdoorsman and military-public safety professionals. To order printed catalog.